Im Na-yeon (Hangul: 임나연) was born on September 22, 1995 (age 22) in Seoul, South Korea. She is the oldest member in Twice.

Life and CareerEdit

Nayeon secretly tried out and passed JYP Entertainment's 7th Open Audition and became a trainee on September 15, 2010. In 2013, she was cast as a member of 6mix, a JYP girl group that was planned but never debuted. Prior to Sixteen and her debut as a member of Twice, she appeared in few television advertisements and in several music videos of her label mates, including Jun. K's "No Love", Got7's "Girls Girls Girls" and miss A's "Only You." She also made a cameo appearance in the second episode of KBS2's 2012 Korean drama Dream High 2. In 2017, she, along with Nichkhun, starred in the music video of Jun. K's "Your Wedding".


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  • "Daring Women" (with Jihyo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu) (2015)
  • Participated in JYP Nation concert theme song - ENCORE. (2016)


  • Nayeon was originally set to debut in the girl group 6mix.
  • When she was a kid, Nayeon entered a child model contest and got cast by JYP. At the time, her mom refused to let her attend the audition, but 10 years later, in 2010, instead of entering a cram school to study harder, Nayeon secretly attended JYP Entertainment's 7th Open Audition and became a trainee.
  • She was the first Sixteen member to be announced and also the first member to be confirmed in Twice.
  • She is cheerful and always tries to stay positive.
  • She is able to remember dances and songs very quickly.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • She has a younger sister named Im Seo-Yoon.
  • Her favorite songs are “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars and “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” by Ariana Grande.
  • Her favorite colors are beige, sky blue, and khaki.
  • She is called by fans a "fake maknae".
  • She is scared of fireworks.
  • She is close friends with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jennie since predebut.
  • Her left leg used to be weak due to her being in a car accident when she was still in her childhood days.
  • She cannot eat sushi that isn’t salmon sushi and also cannot eat chicken feet.
  • She like sweet foods.
  • One of her hobbies is to collect lipsticks and she has a collection of them. Hence her nickname "lipstick holic" gained during her SIXTEEN days.
  • When Nayeon got her first paycheck, she gave it all to her parents.
  • She is a big fan of Girls Generation's Taeyeon and F(x)'s Krystal.
  • She sleeps with her eyes open.
  • Her favourite sport is badminton.
  • She would like to babysit one day.
  • She says whatever is on her mind.
  • She currently attends Konkuk University.
  • During her special live, on her birthday Red Velvet's Yeri called her.
  • Her dog named Kukkukk by Chaeyoung in 3 second, and it is from a Jihyo line in Likey
  • She loves to talk with dolls. Like a lot. Members love to make fun of it.


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