Momo Hirai (平井 もも Hirai Momo), known mostly as Momo (Hangul: 모모), was born on November 9, 1996 (age 21) in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. She is the main dancer of Twice.

Life and CareerEdit

Momo started dancing at a very young age and decided to become a singer because of Amuro Namie and got into K-pop after watching Rain and Lee Hyori. She used to be a trainee at Step Out Dance Studio and was scouted by JYP Entertainment after they saw a dance video of her and her older sister. She was told to audition with her sister on April 13, 2012, though she was the only one who made it in. In 2014, she appeared in the music video of Got7's "Stop Stop It" and the Japanese MV of Junho's "Feel". In the following year, s "R.O.S.E" and miss A's "Only You." She is the only eliminated member of the survival show Sixteen to be brought back to debut as a member of Twice. In the fall of 2016, Kim Hee-chul and Min Kyung-hoon released a digital single, "Sweet Dream", under SM Entertainment, with the music video starring Momo and the rest of the Knowing Bros cast. 


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  • Participated in JYP Nation concert theme song - ENCORE. (2016) 


  • She was the only eliminated member of SIXTEEN to be brought back to debut as a member of Twice.
  • She loves food, her favorite dish is jokbal.
  • She is petrified of heights and needles, but she tried to pin needles on her ear when preparing Twicecoaster: Lane 1 album.
  • She loves mayonnaise and fizzy drinks but she hates melon and cucumber.
  • She made an appearance in a Girls' Generation documentary when she was 15.
  • Momo is scared of roller coasters and fireworks.
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • She has 3 dogs, who are named Petco, Pudding, and Lucky, they are all females.
  • She is allergic to dogs.
  • Her ideal type is someone who eats well (but not overweight); someone who loves jokbal.
  • Her waist was measured recently on Weekly Idol and it was shown to be 22 inches.
  • When she received her first paycheck, she ate delicious things.
  • When she can't sleep, she watches K-dramas.
  • Since she likes dolls and lifesized stuffed toys, her and Jeongyeon's room is filled with them.
  • Since she sleeps without drying her hair, Jeongyeon does it for her.
  • At one of the MNET Backstage interviews, she forgot how to speak Japanese.
  • She said if she was a boy she would date Chaeyoung.
  • She likes the color pink.
  • Momo learned all swimming styles from Mina when they went to Jeju Island.
  • Momo is the fastest in Twice to pass JYP basic routine dance exam, it only took her 3 months.
  • She loves Barbie a lot. On her birthday (2017) Chaeyoung gave her a Barbie. (MoChaeng TV EP.06)
  • On Knowing Brothers she said that she got dumber after she hit her head to a wall.


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