Here is the list of endorsements which Twice participate in since predebut:

Year Title Members NOTES
predebut Secret T (TN) Nayeon, Jihyo with Boyfriend and suzy
predebut Wii Dance Nayeon, Jeongyeon
2015-17 Skoolooks Twice
2015-16 LG U+ Dualphone Y6 Tzuyu
2015-16 LG U+ LTE Video Portal Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu
2015-18 Nexon Twice Games include: Elsword, Region of Heroes, Sudden Attack
2015 CJ CGV Models Twice Snoopy, Combos, Premieres etc.
2015-17 KB Kookmin Card Twice
2015-16 KMilk Twice
2015-16 Redcettu Twice
2016 Arena Twice
2016 Gamaro Chicken Twice
2016 Golfzon Twice
2016 Innisfree Twice
2016-18 KaokaoTalk Twice Emoticons
2016-17 I.Seoul.U Twice
2016 LG U+ Raybeam Projector Tzuyu
2016-18 Lotte Duty Free Twice
2016-17 NBA Style Twice
2016-17 Nature Collection Twice
2016 Pholar (Naver) Sana, Tzuyu
2016 - 2017 Spris Twice
2016 Strikezon Twice
2016-17 LG Care Twice Tomaru, Nature Collection
2017-18 Pocari Sweat Twice
2017-18 MLB Twice *Ended in 2018
2017 SK Planet Twice 11th street (online shopping site)
2017 Baby-G Twice
2017 LG V30 Twice
2018 Yahoo! (Japan) Twice Y! mobile Academy
2018 Acuvue Twice
2018 Nike Air Max (Japan) Twice
2018 Bean Pole Twice Beanpole Sport