DahMo (Dahyun and Momo) is the friendship pairing between Dahyun and Momo

Other Names

  • Dubuhanmo [두부한모] which translates to "one block of tofu" and is a pun that uses Dahyun's nickname ("Dubu" = Tofu) and part of Momo's name. It's a shipname Dahyun came up with herself.
  • MoHyun (Mo/mo and Da/hyun)
  • MoDa (Mo/mo and Da/hyun)



  • Both can rap, sing and dance.
  • Both are afraid of heights and roller coaster rides.
  • They are the two members who have the hardest time waking up early in the morning.


  • Momo was born in 1996 while Dahyun was born in 1998.
  • Momo is from Japan while Dahyun is from Korea.


  • They are in the band Twice.
  • Momo rapped Dahyun's part in the changed parts ver. of "Likey"
  • They did the "Idiotic Robot" sketch for KBS's gag concert.
  • They are known for being very touchy-feely with each other, don't shy away from skinship. They almost kissed on numerous occasions.
  • Momo often gets jealous when Dahyun acts cutely towards Sana.
  • Dahyun often seeks Momo's attention.


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